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2012 - Rediscover Underwater Photography

This year is quickly slipping by, so we had better fill you in on what's new with the Digital Duo. Over the last couple years we have noticed a new trend in underwater photography. Many of our students in lectures, at our school, and on dive trips have been finding themselves in an underwater photography rut. Many have indicated that they want to make some changes in the why and how they take pictures underwater. We have analyzed their discussions and boiled it down to a few topics that we are going to concentrate on this year on our dive trips, at our school, and in our tutorial web site called www.underwatertutorials.com. We started this new direction with our very successful trip to Komodo where we did some extensive testing of the Olympus E-PL2 and E-PL3 with the new high speed focal plane strobes and the Light & Motion 1200 Sola lights. Both tests were very informative and we have updated the data in the Tip of the Month page, and Jack's Cool Toys. As we progress through the year we will concentrate our lectures and tutorials on the following subjects.

1. Using LED lights for both still and video photography instead of strobes. These systems offer more versatility in exposure so that you can spend more time on the composition of the photo.

2. Shoot-to-edit is now becoming the norm for underwater photographers. We will be showing you how to blow images up and maintain the resolution. You can shoot higher ISO speeds and use the new content aware in Adobe Photoshop to make extreme repairs to images, and shoot greater distances with your flash.

3. Try to answer the question most underwater photographers cannot answer. Why take underwater photos? What can I do with my images? We will show how to create hardbound books, large display prints, web page slide shows, and videos that include both stills and video clips.

4. Lighting ratios can make dramatic photos out of ordinary subjects. A lot of great images are not of rare animals but images that are composed well and have dramatic lighting. We will update our lectures and tutorials to share this new knowledge.

We are offering our week-long photo course in Bonaire again in May - this will be our 11th year. It is a great opportunity to hone your digital underwater photo skills. Contact us ASAP if you are able to join us.

Providing quality education to the underwater photographer has always been our goal. We listened to you and heard that you wanted even more online education than we were already providing, so here you go. We are pleased to announce our new web site...... www.underwaterphototutorials.com. It is a yearly subscription service for online education for the underwater photographer. You can access it 24/7 and receive tutorials on Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements and Underwater Photography and Video. We will be having guest lecturers who will provide tips on underwater photography...names like Ernie Brooks, Stan Waterman, Carl Roessler, Geri Murphy and more.. Check it out and we hope you will join the membership and reap its benefits.

If you enjoy editing your images but are having some troubles, you should consider attending our Oregon Coast Digital Center.  Here's your chance for work on that special project. Image editing, printing, cataloging, or the creation of videos are just some of the areas we can work in. You have an idea for a project, drop us a line and we will work out a class especially targeting your problem.  Drop us an email to see if we have some openings to visit Oregon.

 So, you can see, things are hectic here on the Oregon coast.  Stay tuned and in between trips, we will try to keep you up to date on what's happening.

Jack and Sue