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Large Format Printing
     For those who want their digital or scanned images printed on large format paper, we offer a new type of printing service.  We
use Luster archival quality paper for all our printing as we have found that this best reproduces photographs.  In order to guarantee customer satisfaction, we also offer an optional proofing service. The step-by-step process below shows you just how it works.

Step 1
     Send your digital file to be printed.  It can be sent high speed internet (DSL, Cable) if it is a JPEG high quality, or by snail mail/UPS/FEDX if you send the file in PSD or TIFF format on CD/DVD. 

Upload link to digitalduo@jackandsuedrafahl.com

Step 2
An email confirmation is sent back to you with any recommendations before the print or proof print is made.

Step 3
If the proofing service is ordered, two 8 x 10 prints are made of the file on the same paper and printer that will be used to output the large print. One print remains in the lab, and the second is sent to you for approval.

Step 4
Email us a go ahead for the large print, or any final corrections that you would like to be made to the print.

Step 5
The final print is made and sent to you in a shipping tube ready to be mounted and displayed in your home or office.

11 x 16       $ 32  
16 x 20       $ 40
16 x 24       $ 48
20 x 24       $ 48
24 x 30       $ 60
24 x 36       $ 72

Other Sizes Available

Call or email for a quote.

Add $5.00 for proofing service.
Send JPEG, PSD or TIFF file
Email Confirmation
Approval by email

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